I want to be with someone that doesn’t second guess their love for me. I want to be with someone that values a relationship. That quality is getting more and more scarce these days…I mean am I wrong for thinking that the purpose of life IS love? I think i have been involving myself with guys that think love is just a perk or bonus. Love is a gift. Far more precious than a bonus. It’s the reason we wake up every morning…not to simply make money at a job or career (even if you thoroughly love your occupation) but to make money to sustain a certain living situation for the ones you love…or even to prepare your future to be suitable for the one you will eventually love. Life is about family, whether that family be blood or not. Life is about building and creating. And how can you do that without love? When God grants me with the pleasure of meeting that man that values love as much as i do…I will not waste it. I put that on everything.